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Mississauga Lakeview

Along the peaceful shores of Lake Ontario, you’ll find the quaint community of Lakeview. It is one of Mississauga’s most picturesque areas, so you can take advantage of a marina docked with gorgeous yachts, speedboats and other seafaring vessels. But, what happens if there’s an accident? Where do you go if you sustain catastrophic injuries in Lakeview? Where do you find the best rehabilitation centre and physiotherapy clinic to get you back on your feet? At Focus Physiotherapy, we are invested in your well being and getting you to the point of maximum recovery. We are committed to our Lakeview patients and will do everything in our power to give you the best care possible.

The Focus Physiotherapy difference

Our clinic is owned and operated by physiotherapists who have devoted their time and energy to getting our patients back to their pre-accident selves. The road to recovery may be long but we will ensure that it is smooth and efficient. We employ full-time registered physiotherapists and licensed healthcare professionals to create a recovery environment that is conducive to each patient’s needs. Moreover, we continue to invest in new technologies and adhere to all industry standards to provide care that goes above and beyond the norm.

Unlike walk-in clinics or traditional physiotherapy centres, we do more than teach you how to stretch. We have comprehensive recovery programs tailored to the individual. Whether you have suffered whiplash from a car accident or a traumatic spinal injury following a motorcycle or boating accident, or are only visiting us to rehabilitate a minor elbow injury, you can rest assured that your recovery is our top priority.

Your Lakeview physiotherapy clinic

Our Mississauga location has been providing physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation treatment for 20 years. We are a member of your community and continue to contribute whenever possible. Focus Physiotherapy in Mississauga provides a range of services such a gait mobility retraining for those who have experienced a traumatic car accident or debilitating stroke. Additionally, we service the athletic community and offer our extensive physiotherapy treatment plans to everyone from runners to professional hockey players. We are partnered with OHIP so that patients in need of provincial disability and Ontario Works services can benefit from our comprehensive treatment as well.

Patient-centred care to get you back on your feet

Our philosophy revolves around patient-centred care. We feel that we are able to fully meet your rehabilitation needs by providing an inclusive plan that encompasses all facets of physical therapy. The unprecedented treatment that we offer includes acupuncture, dietician consultations, spinal compression, laser therapy and electric modalities, and massage therapy. Our therapeutic treatment plans are created specifically for each patient whether you are recovering from a minor back injury or catastrophic neck injury.

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, muscle overuse and sports injuries happen without warning. At Focus Physiotherapy in Mississauga, we will provide the tools and therapy so you can recover and back on your feet without fail. Let us get help you find your body’s highest level of function again.