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Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injuries

Injury Acquired After Birth

The skilled Registered Physiotherapists at Focus Physiotherapy can help with your mobility problems following such injuries as stroke, or traumatic brain injuries experienced following catastrophic motor vehicle accidents. We can work with your social worker and case manager to coordinate a personalized and comprehensive rehabilitation program, with a combination of supportive clinic-based walking programs and in-home physiotherapy visits.

Learning to walk after a serious brain injury requires significant physical assistance, so we have body-weight-supporting treadmills to help our patients gain the confidence to walk again without the fear of falling. These therapeutic treadmills enable you to practice walking with increased frequency, intensity and duration.

Concussion or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

Minor Head Trauma

Both these conditions can result from a variety of causes, but most cases are the consequence of sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents. You might be experiencing difficulty focusing on tasks, increased irritability, muscle weakness and tingling in your fingers, or perhaps sensitivity to light, with increasing fatigue at the end of the day.


While sports-related mTBI or Concussion typically have a high rate of recovery when properly managed, mild traumatic brain injuries following motor vehicle collisions are more likely to have symptoms that persistent beyond six months, and may require more prolonged monitoring.  Timely and appropriate intervention in such circumstances is necessary to reduce the presence of prolonged periods of debilitation.