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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury &Amp; Concussion Management

Choosing Focus Physiotherapy For Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) or Concussion Management

Our registered physiotherapists are skilled in determining the presence of a miltd traumatic brain injury mTBI or concussion and understand that every mTBI or concussion is a serious injury.  Being in a motor vehicle accident results in many injuries.  Often times we see patients with concussions after their motor vehicle accidents or high velocity sports injuries.

While mild traumatic brain injury or concussions may result from a variety of causes, many of our mTBI od concussion patients present mainly following these two categories: motor vehicle accidents, and sports injuries.

While the awareness of mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions in the general population is relatively new given the recent public awareness campaigns put forth by non profit groups, Focus Physiotherapy has since it’s inception actively guided patient recovery when their physical injuries have been complicated by the presence of mild traumatic brain injury or concussion.

While sports related mTBI or concussion typically have a high rate of recovery when properly managed, mTBI due to other causes such as motor vehicle collisions have a higher likelihood of persistent symptoms beyond 6 months.  The importance of proper intervention is key to improve outcomes and assisting a patient’s return to normal activities of daily living.

Registered Physiotherapists and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Concussion Management

The Registered Physiotherapists understand that a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and we will work with you to help you recover fully.  Many of our patients present to us following accidents where their head was shaken violently either in car accidents or sports injuries.  The injury to the brain can cause in immediate or delayed changes in the brain’s chemistry and function.  Our team will identify the effects of your injuries on you and propose treatments to help you recover.

When our patients have experienced a mTBI or concussion we are careful to educate them regarding the recovery process.  Recovery can take weeks or months depending on the severity and factors such as age, severity and associated brain bleeding are factors to consider when coordinating a treatment program.

Following an mTBI or concussion you may experience changes in your vision, hearing or sense of smell.  You may feel weak or uncoordinated with an increasing number of headaches.  You may even experience increased irritability, mood swings or trouble concentrating.

Our registered physiotherapists will assist in coordinating the need for additional services to assist you in your recovery.  We specialize in physiotherapy but part of our scope of practice is to recognize when a person will benefit form additional services to enhance your recovery rate.

Our team of Registered Physiotherapists will often diagnose your mTBI or concussion through careful testing and a detailed history taking of how the injury occurred and your physical presentation.  Scans such as x-Rays or MRI’s will often not show an abnormality following a concussion so it’s important to be assessed by a registered physiotherapist.  Registered Physiotherapists have the necessary education to diagnose mTBI or concussions following their years of study.

Our team will not only identify the presence of an mTBI but we can help with your overall recovery from it by identifying which activities you should limit and helping you and your loved ones understand when it is safe to return to activity.  We will communicate the importance of rest for your brain in the recovery phase to ensure you reach your maximum possible recovery.

We will work to restore your strength and endurance resultant from muscle weakness that can naturally follow serious injuries by designing and progressing a treatment program that cautiously help you return to normal.

Your Recovery from a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion)

Finally we will work with you to return to activities or sports in a cautious manner.  Our goal is to help you return to your normal life, while not overloading your brain and nervous system.  Your safe and comfortable return to life is our goal.

Typically an mTBI or concussion is diagnosed following a detailed history and assessment of your symptoms following a trauma. There are many factors to look at but typicaly if you feel “different” after a blow to the head you are likely experiencing effects that would require attention
It’s important to address any issues following a head injury in a timely manner to minimize the likelihood of longstanding issues.
This is false. A concussion is also considered a mild traumatic brain injury. While many injuries of this type resolve fully within 6 months. Concussion or mild traumatic brain injuries following a motor vehicle accident are significantly more likely to have symptoms that persist after 6 months. A health practitioner will always recommend follow up and monitoring in this situation.
The accumulation of traumas to a specific area, in this case your head, results in deficits that build on each other. As seen with football players or boxers repeated blows often reach a tipping point where the effects on the brain can no longer be ignored. If this injury feel different it is time to get help.
Our clinic is registered physiotherapist owned and we practice patient centred care. If we feel you require intervention to address any psychological or medical issues we will refer you to the appropriate person. Our goal is to ensure your recovery reaches the maximum possible level. Other places may not have the staff trained in physiotherapy to recognise the other aspects of intervention that may be necessary to address your recovery. Registered Physiotherapists are trained to recognize and recommend additional interventions with other health practitioners to ensure your recovery to the fullest extent.
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