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Focus Physiotherapy is one of Ontario’s premier physiotherapy clinics, fully owned and operated by physiotherapists. This has compelled us to build state of the art clinics that are designed, above all else, to serve our patients needs. The aim of our business is to make sure that our clients are put on the best, most comprehensive path to recovery possible. As business owners and as physiotherapists, we understand that in order to maintain our reputation as one of the GTA’s most respected physiotherapy providers, our patients’ lives and physiotherapy goals must come before everything else. Our years of experience and training has given our staff the skills and knowledge to treat pain and help our clients overcome all manner of injuries, from the minor to the catastrophic.

Our primary goal at all Focus Physiotherapy clinics is to give our patients every single physiotherapy option on the market, and develop our business into one of the most comprehensive providers of physiotherapy and related healthcare services anywhere in Ontario. We want our clients to recover properly, quickly and leave Focus Physiotherapy with results that will last them well into the future. The first step in the process is developing accurate and customized intervention plans, which are tailor made to each patient’s unique physical requirements.

Our licensed physiotherapists will expertly assess your body and the extent of your injury in order to understand how best to approach your treatment and recovery. This approach is used to assess if sports medicine techniques will be most beneficial to a patient, whether laser therapy and electrical modalities will speed the healing process, whether spinal decompression or traction can help patients manage their pain, or if things like custom orthotics and other biomechanical devices can provide added stability and comfort.

The services that we offer are vast and include those especially designed for pediatric and geriatric patients, as well as complimentary health care provision such as acupuncture, massage and the creation of comprehensive diet plans.

Focus Physiotherapy is proud to have been able to partner with OHIP, which allows us to provide our services with the support of the government of Ontario, to patients under the age of 19, and over the age of 65, as well as people who are receiving disability, and Ontario Work Support.

In addition to the previously mentioned services, Focus Physiotherapy also provides its patients with things like pelvic floor strengthening if you need help controlling or overcoming incontinence issues, as well as pre/post surgery physio, whether it’s an orthopaedic surgery, or breast cancer mastectomy. We are here to help physically prepare you before and after the operation.

If you have been in a car accident and experienced whiplash, or seat belt trauma, were in a motorcycle accident, or are suffering from concussion or less-severe brain trauma and need comprehensive motor-skill rehabilitation, Focus Physiotherapy can help. Our wealth of experience providing sophisticated physiotherapy care to a wide range of patients has made us experts in the treatment of the entire human body. Whether it is an ankle or foot injury, or a head injury, we create customized plans that speed up your recovery and get your body back to normal.

In addition to the aforementioned treatment options, we also have years of experience treating catastrophic injuries. These are injuries which are considered to be life altering and typically require prolonged treatment in physiotherapy. We work with other healthcare providers across the GTA and Peel region so that our most physically affected and vulnerable patients have access to comprehensive, multi-faceted treatment plans and options. Catastrophic injuries are those which have been deemed to be life changing events, requiring long periods of physiotherapy and recovery. Our experience treating catastrophic injury and working in coordination with other health care providers allows us to provide our most vulnerable, and most severely affected clients with treatment options and expertise that other physiotherapy clinics cannot.

Focus Physiotherapy takes great pride in its ability to individualize client plans and tailor our services on a case by case basis. Each one of our clients comes to us with different aspirations and concerns, and our goal is to address each patient in the way that works best for them.

If you are a professional athlete with the Toronto Maple Leafs or Raptors feel free to consult with our registered physiotherapists and how physiotherapy can help with your recovery (standard fees will apply).  Movie stars (and former Governor of California) who do their own stunts such as Arnold Schwarzenegger are also welcome at our physiotherapy clinic (again standard rates apply).

Contact us today and find out why the Focus Physiotherapy name comes so highly regarded and recommended.

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170 McEwan Dr E #207 Bolton, ON L7E 4C8
*Inside the Goodfellow Professional Centre*

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We have been in business almost two decades. We expanded to the Goodfellow medical building in Bolton since it was built and previously were at another location for about 10 years.
We are different for many reasons: we are physiotherapist owned, we invest in expensive technology to help your recovery, we ensure full time registered physiotherapists are on staff, our internal reviews of our registered health practitioners constantly monitors patient satisfaction. Physiotherapy is our profession and we want to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. Many clinics do not employ registered physiotherapists to treat patients or hire them only part time to save costs. We would never do that. Our goal is to provide the best service to help you achieve your maximum possible physical recovery.
Clinics located behind a doctors office that consist of a room and maybe an open space for “stretches” are poor substitutes for real physiotherapy clinics. Physiotherapy clinics need space to teach and train you. Physiotherapy clinics should be open full time and fully staffed with Registered Physiotherapists. There should be a registered physiotherapist on site at all times to ensure your safety and recovery.
Firstly that’s a big IF. Check to see if they employ a registered physiotherapist full time. Only registered physiotherapists have obtained advanced university degrees to practice the profession of physiotherapy. There are many physiotherapy clinics that have opened and closed. Leadership and commitment to excellence starts at the top. We are physiotherapist owned and do not cut corners. You will not have access to the same level of equipment or collaborative discussion by going to a “mickey mouse” operation. You will not have access to years of study about physiotherapy by seeing someone who is not a registered physiotherapist to identify your problem. Spend your money wisely when it comes to your health and recovery.
Since you are already hurt and in a delicate state a lot can go wrong! Registered Physiotherapists have codes of conduct and ethical obligations to their patients that protect the patient if something were to go wrong. Our priority is to get you better without taking chances or hurting you. Our registered physiotherapists are licensed and insured. Poor knowledge of the body can result in unfortunate consequences for your recovery, poor safety an sanitary protocols can cause problems as well. Our standard of care is higher due to our significantly higher regulatory demands.
Call us to book an appointment, our office managers will be happy to help!