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Focus Physiotherapy is a physiotherapist owned clinic and we are proud to offer ambulation training for Stroke, and Traumatic Brain injury patients.  Our team of Registered Physiotherapists can assist with your relearning in a fall safe environment.

We have been serving our communities for over 15 years and our physiotherapy clinics have invested in specialized equipment such as the Alter G Anti Gravity treadmill to help patients who have difficulty walking relearn to walk.

Disabling life events such as a traumatic brain injury, stroke or catastrophic car accidents can leave you with a significantly altered functional ability.  Our team of registered physiotherapists will help you increase your ambulation ability and help you achieve your maximum physical recovery.

At Focus Physiotherapy our Registered Physiotherapists are prepared to treat acquired brain injury patients upon their release from the acute and long term care settings.  Our registered physiotherapists are able to work with case managers, social workers and community programs to coordinate a return to function.

Our administrative team will coordinate all documents required and insurance confirmations necessary.

Our goal is to provide personalized care and to allow you and your loved one to focus on recovery.

Our initial assessment will determine the current functional needs, and outline a coordinated personalized treatment program to maximize recovery.

Your safety is our primary concern and we are committed to improving your safety and independence in walking with our investments in specialized equipment such as the Alter G anti gravity treadmill.

Providing training within a fall safe environment our team of Registered Physiotherapists will put your safety first and you will relearn to walk and improve your balance in a fall safe environment.

Our team of Registered Physiotherapists will assist you in reaching your maximum possible physical recovery and to improve your independence and safety during walking.

Focus Physiotherapy has invested in state of the art technology it believes will result in better results for patients who have sustained life-altering injuries that have decreased their ability to walk.

The video below is a demonstration of how we can use the Alter G in your treatment program as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to assist you in relearning how to walk.

Focus Physiotherapy believes it is important to contribute to the community in tangible ways that offer increased independence and better quality of life for the communities we serve. That is why our therapists practice lifelong learning and we are proud to be a physiotherapist owned clinic because we believe it ensures that we practice patient centered care.

Following a stroke, the motor control of the lower extremity is decreased and your ability to generate enough force to ambulate properly is also decreased. In essence your body becomes too heavy for your muscles to support.

Conventional therapy to improve your walking involves registered physiotherapists repeatedly walking with you over and over as you hopefully gain strength. One problem with conventional gait training is a patient’s muscles fatigue too quickly. Affected limbs are not able to support your body weight hence the difficulty walking.

Improvements in ambulation following a stroke are hard because a person has difficulty reaching a level of intensity, frequency and duration of therapeutic exercises that results in changes in function.

The Alter G enables a person with decreased strength in their lower extremity to train at an appropriate intensity, frequency and duration to benefit and achieve a training effect given their weakened state allowing them to practice at a therapeutic intensity and obtain the benefit of training and repetition.

The Alter G is a body weight supporting treadmill; it is also a fall safe environment. The benefit of this system is it allows you to practice walking without worrying about falling. We at Focus Physiotherapy consider gait training in the Alter G to be significantly safer than therapist assisted gait training.
At this time we recommend the patient be able to ambulate with a minimum ability of moderate assist of one.
Yes, physiotherapy rehabilitation services performed by a registered physiotherapist are covered by work insurance.
We believe physiotherapy clinics owned by registered physiotherapists are the best way to maintain the high standards set forth by regulatory bodies and innovation inspired in universities. We also believe there are additional safeguards for the patient in physiotherapist owned clinics that you will not find in clinics not owned by registered physiotherapists.
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