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Spinal Fracture Treatment


Most spinal fractures are the result of a severe traumatic event such as a car accident or serious collision of some sort such as a sports injury high-velocity collision.  The spinal fractures can be mild in consequence with little sequelae or quite dangerous resulting in paralysis.

Our registered physiotherapists at Focus Physiotherapy are skilled in addressing your injury and helping you recover from your spinal injury.

Our treatment of Spinal Fractures as with all the injuries we treat is based on gold standard care and best available evidence.  As registered health practitioners we do not take chances.  Our recovery programs are tried and true and catered to your individual needs.

When dealing with serious traumatic injuries such as spinal fractures, our team first determines the level of stability and safety.  We thoroughly review all medical records and ensure we ask the correct questions to enable moving forward with the best possible treatment plans.

Once your degree of injury has been identified our team will initiate a plan with the goal being your maximum possible physical recovery.

Our Team of Registered Physiotherapists has the expertise and training to create a recovery treatment plan customized for your level of injury.  Spinal Fractures are serious as are all fractures, yet the mobility loss and potential injury to the spinal column requires a degree of expertise only registered health practitioners you can find at Focus Physiotherapy can provide.

As a Physiotherapist owned clinic, we will not be satisfied unless we have done all that is possible to enable your recovery.  Not happy with the status quo, our team chooses to reinvest in technology and education to ensure better outcomes.

We practice Patient Centred Care to create treatment plans that are consistent with your recovery goals.

Our Goal has always been to distinguish ourselves and help you achieve your maximum possible physical recovery.

Why Choose a Physiotherapist Owned Clinic for Serious Injuries

We believe that as a physiotherapist owned clinic, we have a duty of care to our patients to provide the best possible physiotherapy treatment to help patients recover.

Registered Physiotherapists are the only registered health professionals who have studied the profession of physiotherapy for years; we are the best suited and most skilled in providing the best physiotherapy for our patients.

We believe Registered Physiotherapist provide the best physiotherapy and physiotherapy clinics owned by registered physiotherapists are the best of the best.

We invest in our learning, our clinic and in our equipment with the sole purpose of getting you better and providing a state of the art level of care.

In an industry where clinics come and go, many clinics simply pay lip service to patient care. Our clinics continue to grow because your recovery is our priority.

It is our obligation to provide the best possible physiotherapy service to you, and our goal is to help you reach you maximum possible physical recovery.

More Information about Spinal Fracture Treatment

The spine is the long bony column in the back that protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves through which information about movement and sensation travels between the brain and body.

The more comprehensive the intervention, the sooner the recovery.

After a trauma, and once medically stable the treatment team at Focus Physiotherapy will outline a program to help you achieve your maximum possible recovery.

Spinal Fractures can be scary, especially if you find yourself unable to control your arms or legs as you once did.  We understand.

Rehabilitation and recovery from spinal fractures are what we do.  We will take the time to explain what is going on with your body and what the path will be for your particular degree of injury.  Our patients are the priority and with the experience and equipment available to us, as well as the team to support you we will work with you towards recovery.

Being scared to move after a traumatic injury is normal. You have been through a lot and there is an emotional toll as well as a physical toll to your injuries. Our Registered Physiotherapists at Focus Physiotherapy are not going to hurt you. We approach your rehabilitation in a gently manner. Your confidence will increase slowly as you start seeing progress. We know you will be hesitant at first, that is what we would expect in such a situation. It will take time to put your trust in anything following such severe injuries and we will guide you to the fullest recovery possible.
Your neighbour may mean well, but every persons recovery is different. What worked for your neighbour’s brothers coworker may not be appropriate for your recovery given your type of surgery, the placement of any metal fixation or the approach used. Our Registered Physiotherapists can offer numerous modalities to maximize your recovery and ensure the speediest of recoveries, feel free to ask any question but be aware that our goal is to guide you through with a treatment plan that results in serious maximum possible recovery.
Patients who have sustained multiple fractures often have significant issues falling asleep. Once out of the hospital pain management can become more difficult. Our team of registered Physiotherapists understands this and we can investigate options that may assist your positioning at night. In many cases our communications as part of the rehabilitation team results in increased actions to address issues that would not be otherwise included in discussions.
Our team of Registered Physiotherapists will tell you recovery is one step at a time. Your journey will start slowly and you will experience obstacles. Since You are living and reading this, you are already one of the lucky ones. What we do is serious business and every day our goal is to lift you up and bring you to the next level of recovery. It won’t be easy but believe in yourself and with our help you will reach your maximum possible recovery.
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