Motorcycle Injuries & Treatment

Why are motorcycle accident injuries so severe?

A motorcycle accident is often more serious than car or truck accidents because the latter are designed to provide you specific safety measures during a road crash. Moreover, statistics show that nearly one out of every five motorcyclists has a head or a neck injury during an accident.

There is a significantly higher risk of fatality when an accident involves a cyclist. The biggest reason why these accidents are so severe is that your body hits the ground resulting in head injuries, muscle damage, road rash, arm or leg injury, spinal injury, broken bones, and facial scarring. Most motorcycle accidents are actually not the fault of the cyclist.

How to prevent a motorcycle accident?

If you are a regular motorcyclist, you are advised not to ride a motorcycle for extended hours because this will wear out your body. Riders must stay healthy by following physiotherapists-approved tips. Focus Physiotherapy recommends stretching before and after riding and to take breaks during a long trip. Motorcyclists should also consult physiotherapists to prevent injury in case of consistent pain that doesn’t go away. They must always wear a helmet and knee braces to prevent deadly injuries.

We deal with serious motorcycle injuries every day

At Focus Physiotherapy we are very experienced in treating people who have suffered serious injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident. Our clinic is physiotherapist-owned and operated. We live and breathe rehabilitation, and our goal is to help you become the most fully rehabilitated person possible.

We invest in the best equipment, and our staff is compassionate and cares about your recovery. Our investments in technology differentiate us. Our personalized assessments enable us to customize a treatment program to address your needs for a full physical and functional recovery.

Focus Physiotherapy has two AlterG anti-gravity treadmills located at our Brampton and Mississauga locations. Watch this video and learn more about how AlterG can help your recovery.

The Focus Physiotherapy approach to recovery

Our Registered Physiotherapists offer patient-centered care, which puts your needs at the forefront of your recovery. Important aspects of your life such as the activities you participate in, the work you do, your role in your family all form part of your rehabilitation treatment plan.

As a physiotherapist owned clinic we know many places that say they offer “physiotherapy.” Take a closer look. You will see many do not have registered physiotherapists on staff and if they do they only employ them part-time. These “clinics” are not equipped to deal with serious injuries. You should not trust them with your recovery needs.

The road to recovery after a motorcycle accident is scary for the victim and family members; we understand this and can guide you through what is often a difficult time. Our expertise in accident recover and our network of medical specialists who often send their complicated cases to us means your recovery is in good hands with Focus Physiotherapy.

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