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Pre &Amp; Post Operative Physiotherapy Treatment

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy Treatment for Your Scheduled Surgery

Prior to your scheduled surgery (Hip,Knee, Ankle etc), you will be assessed by our registered physiotherapist for a preoperative examination and preoperative treatment/intervention plan. One purpose of this visit is to get a baseline of information including the location and severity of your pain, your functional abilities, your strength, the available range of motion of each knee, and your breathing pattern. An assessment will be made of any needs you may have at home (e.g., equipment, safety adaptations) after surgery.

Our pre-operative treatment enables you to have a faster and easier recovery from any orthopaedic surgeries

Prior to undergoing a knee or hip operation our team of experienced physiotherapists can ensure you have the optimal functional ability to maximise your recovery.   Today’s total knee arthoplasties and total hip surgeries are complex operations that require physiotherapy to ensure proper outcomes.  Even knee meniscus and ACL operations have been shown to heal better when physiotherapy intervention is part of both the pre and post operative sections of recovery.

Don’t go through the pain of surgery without pre-operative physiotherapy treatment.  Maximise your recovery by contacting our nearest clinic.

Our Registered Physiotherapists are capable and will work with you to coordinate your recovery. If you are undergoing a surgical joint replacement, surgical revision, or a surgery which will affect your mobility or functional ability; contact us and let us assist your recovery and return to your daily life.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatments are often provided after the surgery in order to help decrease stiffness and pain. Our Registered Physiotherapists will assist you in returning to independence and a more active lifestyle.

Our Registered Physiotherapists working with your doctor and surgeon will assist your recovery. It is a coordinated team effort and the result is a more satisfying recovery.

Physiotherapy Following Breast Cancer Mastectomies

At Focus Physiotherapy our Registered Physiotherapists can assist with your recovery both before and after surgery—particularly patients having axillary node dissections or mastectomies with flap reconstruction.

The therapist will perform a preoperative assessment to evaluate arm strength and function. The objective findings from this assessment will help gauge your progress after surgery and ensure that you return to your baseline physical capabilities. A preoperative physical therapy appointment also helps you to prepare for the postoperative precautions and recommended exercise routine, thus preventing complications related to frozen shoulders and other orthopedic problems that could occur without proper monitoring and care. Exercises will focus on shoulder range of motion and core strengthening.

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