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Focus Physiotherapy was founded on a principle of placing the needs of the patient and the proper practice of the profession of physiotherapy above all else.

Patient centred care is a guiding principle that has resulted in our growth without compromising the quality of service.  We strive to be the best clinic we can be and do the best for our patients.

As registered physiotherapists, our journey began in wanting to provide better results for the patients we treated.  This desire to push the needle and do better resulted in opening Focus Physiotherapy.

We believe we raise the bar for innovation and delivery of the profession of physiotherapy because everything we do is to deliver a service we can be proud of.

Our goal for every one of our patients is to deliver diligent professional services that help our patients achieve their maximum possible physical recovery.

We have always prided ourselves in being physiotherapist owned and believe a physiotherapist owned clinic offers many advantages and protections to our patients and the communities we serve.

Since Focus Physiotherapy is owned and founded by registered physiotherapists, we started with a clear understanding and vision of what the profession of physiotherapy is, and what it can offer to enhance patient recovery.

At Focus Physiotherapy making sure we provided optimal physiotherapy was always our goal.

We value practical, effective and quality care.  Diligent and effective physiotherapy service is thoughtful and thorough.   Focus Physiotherapy believes in working towards results that last.

We are proud to be registered physiotherapists and take pride in delivering a service that is professional and patient-centered.

As registered physiotherapists, we are health professionals who have chosen to work in the rehabilitation and restoration component of healthcare.   It is a specialised area in healthcare that can be tremendously rewarding.

The profession of physiotherapy is an independent profession and becoming a registered health practitioner brings with it certain privileges as well as certain obligations.   A registered physiotherapist is privileged to treat people and assist in their recovery from injury and disability.  While the presence of a regulatory framework outlines their professional conduct in all aspects of their practice.

As a registered physiotherapist owned clinic, you can rest assured that we take our obligations to public safety seriously.  Registered physiotherapist owned clinics have obligations to the public and professional colleges that many clinics do not.

We are trained to not only determine the optimal physiotherapy treatment for you to address a speedy and effective recovery but also to determine when other complementary services and practitioners are necessary to enhance recovery.  It is our obligation to recommend appropriate services and practitioners when necessary.

To this end, Focus Physiotherapy offers many complementary services to enhance and personalise your recovery.  Services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, sports medicine treatment, custom knee braces, custom foot orthotics, pelvic floor rehabilitation acupuncture, and electrical modalities are all part of our “tool box”.

Additionally, our registered physiotherapists continue to pursue professional learning and areas of interest that result in improved treatment efficiency and effectiveness.

Our approach to physiotherapy and rehabilitation is multifaceted.  We will create a personalised treatment program that will consist of three components.

  • Clinic-based treatment
  • Patient education
  • A Home Program

Your treatment will consist of a mix of interventions, and you will become an active part of your recovery.

We believe your treatment should result in attaining maximum possible physical recovery and should also prevent future recurrence through education and prevention techniques that we will provide you with.

Our mission has always been to put the patient and the profession first.  We will continue to strive towards better and better results for our patients and the communities we serve.