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The treatment programs offered at Focus Physiotherapy help patients overcome injuries related to sports, work, and daily living while addressing a variety of common health issues.

Kingsway residents require high-quality services that provide them with the education and resources needed to create long-term health and wellness. At Focus Physiotherapy, we work with you to overcome a number of debilitating injuries, such car accident injuries, catastrophic injuries, whiplash, fracture, sports injuries and more.

The services delivered by the Focus Physiotherapy team are invaluable prevention tools that make it possible for you to avoid future injuries and health problems.

Customized treatment plans

We cater our services to the unique needs of each individual so that you can maximize results and achieve a speedy recovery.

Your customized treatment program begins with our comprehensive assessment process. This allows your physiotherapist to diagnose and treat all of the factors that may be contributing to your health issues.

Your physiotherapist will choose from any number of techniques such as massage therapy, myofascial release, ultrasound, and joint mobilizations to customize your treatment plan and provide you with long-term relief and recovery.

Through this integrative treatment approach, patients can obtain the benefits offered by multiple treatment methods. This enhances the results you achieve while ensuring that all of the available options are considered.

Kingsway catastrophic injury treatment clinic

Using the right treatment methods, you improve your athletic performance, increase productivity at work, and meet your daily responsibilities more effectively. Patients gain a renewed sense of motivation that allows them to implement new health strategies over time.

This creates a lasting foundation of health while helping you overcome common issues such as back and neck pain, catastrophic injury, workplace and automobile accident injuries, tendonitis, fractures, whiplash, and others.

Patients learn how to be proactive in achieving a new level of function and a higher quality of life. The Focus Physiotherapy team provides you with the treatment program that’s right for your needs. We help you identify any physical or physiological dysfunctions, and offer the treatments that help to correct them.

Our integrative approach addresses the root causes of dysfunctions in order to help you effectively manage pain and recover from injury.

Kingsway physiotherapy clinic

Kingsway residents take advantage of our high-quality and customized health care services. Focus Physiotherapy helps keep this growing community healthy and free from chronic pain and injuries through our integrative treatment approach.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Kingsway is renowned for its atmosphere and architecture. It consists of a combination of commercial and residential areas that have seen increased growth over time. At Focus Physiotherapy, we are committed to helping Kingsway residents identify their unique health issues in order to improve long-term health and performance.

Contact Focus Physiotherapy to learn more about how you can obtain a customized treatment plan to overcome chronic pain, recover from injury, and improve your daily performance.