Sports Medicine Clinic Bolton

Maintaining an active lifestyle is great for our bodies and minds but there is a cost: sports injuries. Sports injuries are unpleasant, painful, and can sideline you for weeks if you don’t treat them. Whenever we overuse or make repetitive movements, it puts a strain on our muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Furthermore, if you play competitive contact sports like hockey, you may find yourself with broken bones from being slammed into the boards.

Even if you don’t play team sports like baseball, soccer, hockey or basketball and keep fit by running, skiing or doing gymnastics, you could still end up with a sports injury. When searching for a treatment centre in Bolton for sports injury rehab, your search ends here at Focus Physiotherapy.

More Than Just A Sports Medicine Clinic

Focus Physiotherapy in Brampton is more than your average run-of-the-mill rehab clinic. We are owned and operated by licensed physiotherapists who take pride in their work. Our goal is offer comprehensive treatment for sports injuries that include everything from laser therapy, to acupuncture, to nutrition counselling. We also have massage therapists on staff to keep our patients relaxed and limber following a rehab session. It’s imperative that we provide optimal treatment for our patients because we want them to recover.

Tailor-made Treatment

Everyone responds to sports injury rehab differently. We do not take on a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment because it simply doesn’t work. Our goal is to create a sports injury rehab program at our Bolton location that fits the needs of the patient in question.

If you’re coming to see us with a sports injury, it’s safe to assume that you don’t want to give up your active lifestyle. We will design your program with this in mind. By customizing our treatment to the individual, we are able to allow our patients to recover at their own pace and reach rehab milestones that make sense for them. Moreover, our goal is to keep you fit without the possibility of reinjury. We will strengthen and improve your muscle coordination, while protecting the surrounding joints and promoting a full range of motion.

Creating Stronger Bodies Even After You Leave

When undergoing rehab for a sports injury, we don’t want you to simply heal, we want you to get stronger. As previously mentioned, our treatments are tailored to the individual. These treatments include strength training and our physiotherapists will create exercise and stretching routines you can do at home after you leave our Bolton clinic. Keeping you in shape is something we take very seriously because we know it’s something you take seriously too. You’re an athlete and we’ll ensure that you’re as strong as you were before you had your sports injury, or even stronger.

For more information about our sports injury rehab in Bolton please contact us. You can visit our clinic in person or contact us by phone or online. At Focus Physiotherapy, we want to get you back to your active lifestyle, whether you’re happiest in the snow, on the court, or at the gym.