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What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom Orthotics are foot supporters used to relieve foot or ankle pain, and other different lower body conditions. Although over-the-counter orthotics may be used to alleviate acute discomfort, custom orthotics in Etobicoke from experienced and certified physiotherapists are ideal for treating pain and discomfort. At Focus Physiotherapy, we know that no two feet are created the same and each patient requires a unique treatment method. Therefore, if you’re experiencing lower-body discomfort or pain, book an appointment with our physiotherapists at Focus Physiotherapy for custom orthotics in Etobicoke.

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When Are Custom Orthotics Necessary?

Many issues in the knees, hip, back or neck originate from the feet. A custom orthotic is used to realign the positions of various foot segments, correcting any misalignment to help you find relief, therefore making standing for extended periods a painless task. Custom orthotics in Etobicoke are custom-made shoe inserts medically proven to eliminate pain and discomfort.

A custom orthotics cast is not just a piece of plastic. This custom-made device is a flexible shell material worn inside your shoes and is uniquely designed for your foot. They are tailored based on your weight, activity and your foot line. Orthotics help to correct the alignment of the foot and posture of the lower extremities, providing strength, stability, and control over the way you walk. As a result, custom orthotics in Etobicoke effectively treat many foot related conditions and help make daily activities painless.

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Pronation, Supination and Over-Pronation

Pronation refers to the natural motion of your foot during walking or running. Your gait can show a pattern of neutral pronation, over-pronation, or supination. However, the stresses of supinating or over-pronating are linked to a greater risk of injuries. However, the appropriate use of custom orthotics in Etobicoke greatly decreases the pain and discomfort associated with supination and over-pronation. Over-pronation occurs when the ankle rolls too far inward towards their arch. Supination occurs when a person rolls their foot outwards away from their arch.

Over-pronation puts people at an increased risk of developing various injuries as it disrupts the body’s natural alignment. Over-pronation causes increased impact when the foot strikes the ground. Athletes with over-pronation, particularly runners, have an increased likelihood of developing overuse issues. Injuries that frequently occur in people with over-pronation include: shin splints, bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome, chronic lower back pain and many more

Conversely, the structural issues of the feet that cause supination are usually inherited. Inherited traits that impact the mechanics of the feet and legs include leg length (differences in length between both legs), the width of the foot, and ankle stability. Also, shoes without arch support, or that are too small can also lead to supination and other foot related issues.

If you are unsure if you suffer from any of these conditions and you are experiencing foot pain and discomfort, book an appointment at Focus Physiotherapy for free custom orthotics consultation to find relief for your pain and discomfort. Our registered physiotherapists will conduct a full evaluation of your feet to create custom orthotics uniquely designed to offer you extra arch support and to minimize the impact caused by the way you walk.

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