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When it comes to participating in sports, we’re all at different levels. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, our patients run the range at Focus physiotherapy.

Sports injuries are also quite varied, from mild to severe injuries we treat them all.

Physiotherapy for a sports injury prevents the need for surgeries by up to 50%. Physiotherapy for sports medicine injuries has been shown to be an effective way to return to an active lifestyle.

Our registered physiotherapists and massage therapists have the expertise and knowledge to treat your sports injury. Physiotherapy and massage therapy for an injured athlete or weekend warrior require knowledge of the body in motion, best possible rehabilitation choices, and awareness of what complications may arise from daily activities outside of sport on a person’s recovery potential.

Returning to a competitive level of sport requires a fulsome approach to care. Focus Physiotherapy clinics are staffed and equipped to meet your rehabilitation needs following an injury from a sport.

We are a physiotherapist owned clinic, which means we put the practice of physiotherapy and implementation of physiotherapy treatment as a priority in your recovery from sports injuries. Our team of physiotherapists and massage therapist understand sports injuries from an abundance of experience both on the field and off.

The treatment of sports injuries involves reintroducing competition in an intelligent and appropriate manner to prevent re-injury and development of permanent scar formation which hinders recovery and competitiveness. Our team at Focus Physiotherapy will guide you to modify activities outside of the sport that can contribute to poor outcomes and hinder your return to sport.

One of the many benefits of treatment of sports injuries at Focus Physiotherapy is both Physiotherapy and Massage therapy intervention following a sports injury at can prevent unnecessary surgical interventions! And the best way to avoid a second orthopaedic surgery is not to have a first. Before you call and book that surgery call a physiotherapist first!

There is a tendency to think sports injury and sport medicine must involve surgical interventions for recovery. The studies have shown, that a delay in obtaining surgery for Sport and Orthopaedic injuries has resulted in 50 percent of those operations being avoided altogether.

You are likely to avoid surgery, the hassle of taking time off work, the risks of general anaesthetic and complications that may follow from hospitalisation by having treatment for your sports injury by registered physiotherapists and massage therapists at Focus Physiotherapy. Consider that before going under the knife.

Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Massage therapy intervention is shown to be as effective as surgery for many conditions and does not come with any post-operative risks.

Why is Focus Physiotherapy a reliable option for the treatment of sports injuries?

Focus Physiotherapy began with a vision to provide care to patients and help them get better; our clinics are not an additional revenue stream for a corporate client or hidden in some back room of a walk in clinic.

Founded by Registered Physiotherapists in Ontario, from the beginning Focus Physiotherapy clinics were created to provide the best possible care. Registered physiotherapists who practiced physiotherapy in other environments decided to create a physiotherapist owned clinic with an emphasis on quality and patient centred care. In terms of your sports medicine injury and recovery it has been shown physiotherapist owned clinics result in recovery times between 39 to 65% faster.

When considering the physiotherapists and massage therapists for your clinic consider a few things …

Is the clinic physiotherapist owned? A clinic owned by registered physiotherapists for your sport injury must have standards of care that clinics owned by referral for profit owners are not required to have. Focus Physiotherapy is physiotherapist owned. Statistically this fact alone has shown people recover 39% faster.

Does the clinic have all the physiotherapy and massage therapy equipment your condition requires?

Focus Physiotherapy has the electrotherapy, manual therapy, sports therapy and experienced team of professionals to guide your recovery from a sport injury.

Do they have an exercise area? Focus Physiotherapy has dedicated treatment and exercise areas to get you better.

Who will perform my assessment and will it be comprehensive? At Focus Physiotherapy your initial assessment for sports medicine physiotherapy will be performed by a Registered Physiotherapist it will involve a complete and thorough examination of your current sport injury and will form the basis for your treatment program to get you back to sport.


Treating patients and getting them better is very satisfying, as physiotherapists and massage therapists at Focus Physiotherapy we have chosen a field of medicine that emphasizes rehabilitation and recovery.

Sport injury treatment provides gratification to both patients and health practitioners. We understand activities such as sport bring great pleasure and enhance our patient’s lives and the feelings we derive from helping someone return to an activity they love makes things really worthwhile.

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Anthony Grande has been a Registered Physiotherapist since 1996. His desire to help people recover from their injuries pushed him to provide better care and get involved in professional and government organizations, where he gained the opportunity to be part of roundtables with Ministers and their staff. He specializes in medical acupuncture, sports injury recovery, and stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. Anthony devotes his personal time to his family, animal welfare, and social entrepreneurship.