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Focus Physiotherapy treats patients with Sciatica. While every patient’s recovery for sciatica nerve pain symptoms will take a slightly different road, our registered health practitioners can guide you towards your maximum possible physical recovery from sciatic nerve pain resulting from a pinched nerve.

What is Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatic NerveSciatica is pain affecting the back and the hip with radiating symptoms down the leg and is colloquially described as low back pain, a pinched nerve or lumbago.

When a patient experiences sciatica nerve pain, their main complaints include back pain, shooting pain and weakness running down leg. Our team of Registered Physiotherapists will conduct a thorough initial assessment to determine the cause of your sciatic nerve pain.

The presence of sciatica does not tell the whole story!

Sciatica is a term for a group of symptoms; in this case, the symptoms are back pain with associated radiation pain and weakness down the leg. Our Registered Physiotherapists will determine the cause of the sciatic nerve pain and inform you if it is likely the result of a bulging disc or disc herniation, a pinched nerve, spinal stenosis or something more intricate.

Your backache may present very similarly to a friend’s backache, but that does not mean the cause is the same. Our registered physiotherapists in Toronto outline a personalized program to ascertain the best treatment program to help you find relief.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment at Focus Physiotherapy

Our first session takes a thorough look at your history of back pain, as well as factors and lifestyle issues that may have contributed to your low back pain.

Your sciatic nerve pain may result from neural tension, bulging discs, herniated discs, muscle tightness or any combination of lumbar disorders mentioned at the different vertebral levels in the lumbar spine. Regardless of the contributing factors that have resulted in your sciatic nerve pain or the duration of your current back pain symptoms, our physiotherapy clinic creates a personalized program to help you achieve your maximum possible physical recovery.

Your sore back needs care; our clinic has many services under one roof to deliver a comprehensive program that addresses your needs.

Physiotherapy for sciatica is one service, yet we also offer massage therapy for sciatica, spinal decompression, and many modalities to assist in your recovery.

Treatment for sciatic nerve pain must not only address pain but get you back to work and the activities you enjoy. Whether the action is playing with your children, walking, running, or competitive sports, our team will guide your recovery and address the goals that you want to meet.

Focus Physiotherapy treats sciatica and other lumbar spine disorders to provide you with the most comprehensive and patient-centred care.

Why Should you Call Focus Physiotherapy for your Sciatica Treatment?

Effective treatment for sciatica begins with the decision to do something about it. If left untreated, sciatica nerve pain will become chronic, and the pain will become entrenched, making a recovery more complex.

Chronic low back pain develops following a period of neglect. In this day and age, we take too many things for granted, waiting too long to treat our aches and pains.

Hoping the pain will go away is a precursor to developing chronic low back pain and intractable sciatica. The first step you make towards recovery is your decision to begin treatment.

Our Treatment for Sciatica:

Every patient will have a slightly different program, but many common elements patients with sciatica receive like treatment.

Pain Relieving Modalities

This is where we use specialized physiotherapy equipment to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with sciatica. Sciatica is painful, and physiotherapy intervention seeks to reduce your pain.


Our Team will teach you what to avoid and how to move to decrease the irritation to your low back during your day.

Manual Therapy:

Mobility in certain areas may be restricted or excessive. Our health practitioners identify the abnormal movements, ascertain the cause, and identify interventions that can return your mobility to normal.


The creation of an exercise regimen that is appropriate for your physicality and the level of injury is significant. A home program will change as you improve, yet trying overworking your body much can have a negative impact. Proper monitoring and progression of your exercise will result in improved outcomes and higher levels of satisfaction.

Spinal Decompression Treatment:

Our clinics offer spinal decompression to reduce the compression over the spinal nerve roots if they have impinged. Our investment in this technology results from our desire to present solutions in therapy not commonly found elsewhere.

Discharge Plan:

Once better, our team provides you with a personalized plan to continue your treatment at home. You will leave us with the knowledge of how your sciatica came to be, what worked to get you better and what you will need to do to avoid flare-ups or recurrence in the future.


We will be there for you in the future if you have any questions.

Call our team at Focus Physiotherapy now to schedule an appointment for your assessment and recovery of sciatic nerve pain. We will be happy to see you and begin your treatment for sciatica.

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