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Massage therapy is one of the oldest therapeutic interventions known.

For thousands of years, people have sought relief from massage therapists for injuries.

Today’s massage therapists are knowledgeable health practitioners with years of study in various areas of science and rehabilitation. The requirements to become a registered massage therapist in Ontario are very stringent, and that is a benefit for all Ontarians who utilise the services of a massage therapist.

At Focus Physiotherapy, our Registered Massage Therapists are skilled in a variety of techniques to assist you in your injury recovery. Unlike many clinics, Focus Physiotherapy only employs registered massage therapists to perform the massage therapy services provided. Your massage therapy service at Focus Physiotherapy will be professional and thoughtful.

We recommend your first massage therapy session be an hour duration to ensure there is enough time to answer any questions thereby allowing your massage therapist to have a positive effect from your first session.

Massage therapy can be both a vital component of a multidisciplinary treatment program or an independent intervention. Either way, having massage therapy results in positive effects on the body.

Treatment of sports injuries, car accidents and postural injuries often involve massage therapy to address tense and sore muscles that have become strained following trauma.

Massage Treatment at Focus Physiotherapy by our registered massage therapists is effective for sciatica treatment, carpal tunnel, neck pains, shoulder injuries, postural deficits and many more injuries. Using the most innovative and up to date techniques, our registered massage therapists will strive to address your needs.

Massage therapy is extremely useful during pregnancy. Our massage therapists understand the changes pregnancy can cause as well as the stresses it can put on the back, shoulders, neck and body. Massage during pregnancy often results in a more relaxed state of mind which is beneficial to the baby’s and mother’s well-being.

You may choose for your massage treatment to be part of a massage therapy wellness program. If that is your choice, you will see our massage therapists on a monthly basis to prevent your body from becoming overly tight and tense.

Our massage therapists are skilled in many styles of massage therapy: Swedish, shiatsu, reiki, relaxation, sports massage and therapeutic are but a few. All techniques have their benefits, and it is important to discuss your options with your massage therapist to enhance your outcomes.

When choosing a location for your massage therapy, Focus Physiotherapy is an excellent option.

We have been serving members of the community for years and unlike other locations that have come and gone, our staying power is due to satisfied patients who appreciated our patient centred approach to treatment.

Our massage therapists and all members of our team put your treatment and needs at the forefront of our interventions. As our massage therapy patient, if you require additional interventions our staff of registered health practitioners are able to assist you and complement your treatment.

Contact us today to book your massage therapy treatment at one of our Focus Physiotherapy locations.

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About the Author:

Anthony Grande has been a Registered Physiotherapist since 1996. His desire to help people recover from their injuries pushed him to provide better care and get involved in professional and government organizations, where he gained the opportunity to be part of roundtables with Ministers and their staff. He specializes in medical acupuncture, sports injury recovery, and stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. Anthony devotes his personal time to his family, animal welfare, and social entrepreneurship.