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Priyanka Wadhwani - Registered Physiotherapist

Priyanka Wadhwani
Registered Physiotherapist
B.Sc PT, MSc Yoga
Registered since April 2009 (India) and January 2016 (Canada)

Services: Physiotherapy treatment, sports medicine treatment, custom foot orthotics, custom knee Brace, laser therapy and electric modality, pre and post-operative physiotherapy treatment, spinal decompression, in home physiotherapy

Professional Areas of Interest: Mulligan concept of manual therapy, Medical exercise Therapy, Trained in McConnell taping, soft tissue release, Ergonomics and Yoga.

Personal Areas of Interest: In her spare time she likes to go hiking or enjoy a quiet walk lakeside.

Priyanka is a Registered Physiotherapist who graduated with Bachelors in Physiotherapy in 2009. She then went on to get an advanced degree M.Sc in Yoga and Meditation. Priyanka incorporates this knowledge along with her expertise in Physiotherapy to provide a holistic and excellent patient care. Her previous experience also includes working in an academic setting which helps her advise and teach patients regarding good posture, ergonomics and related benefits.

Priyanka is certified in Manual therapy for spine, SI joint based on mulling concept and Taping. She is also trained in soft tissue and neural mobilization techniques.

Priyanka has extensive experience in treating acute sport related injuries, orthopedic conditions, post-surgical patients (like Joint replacement, ligament reconstruction, post fracture cases) neurological conditions like stroke, spinal cord injuries & nerve palsy and chronic muscle & soft tissue injuries.
She hopes to continue her education by adding her skills in the areas of concussion management and vestibular rehabilitation.

Priyanka is a keen learner, she believes that learning is a lifelong process and each day presents an opportunity to learn.

How to contact: Priyanka Wadhwani at Focus Physiotherapy, Etobicoke , 416-234-8788