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Whiplash Injuries and Missed Diagnoses of Traumatic Brain Injury

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board estimates there are about 160,000 car accidents in Canada each year. Of those, nearly 2,900 end in deaths. For those who survive, many suffer muscle, nerve and spine injuries. Motor vehicle accidents can also cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). This type of injury often occurs when the skull hits stationary [...]

What to Do If You’re Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can scary, causing you to become confused and distracted. However, it’s important to keep a clear mind and obtain crucial information after an accident. Step 1: Ensure passengers are safe The first thing to do after an accident is to ensure that everyone is safe and uninjured. If anyone is injured, immediately [...]

The Most Common Injury Treatment After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Treatment at Focus Physiotherapy Following a motor vehicle accident, most people will be diagnosed with whiplash due to the sudden impact. When our neck is forced to bend forward then backward quickly, or vice versa, the ligaments and muscles involved become injured. Besides whiplash, many people involved in a motor vehicle [...]

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Five Whiplash Physiotherapy Exercises

5 Whiplash Treatment Exercises You Can Do At HomeWhiplash Associated Disorders (WAD), or whiplash for short, is an injury resulting from a severe jerk to the head. Most people experience whiplash following a motor vehicle accident because we do not have enough time to brace ourselves for the impact of the collision. We are unable [...]

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