Hip Injuries: How Orthotics Can Help

Custom orthotics can help treat a number of conditions including problems with the hip. Orthotics are specially designed devices that control foot function and they can correct alignment issues in your feet and legs to improve stability and alleviate pain. Custom orthotics are very different from over-the-counter insoles because they are specially made to conform [...]

Custom Orthotics: What They Are and How to Find Good Ones

The purpose of insoles is to cushion your feet and provide support where needed. Orthotics do just the same but are customized to your specific needs and are made to correct your foot imbalance. They are placed inside your footwear to reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into alignment [...]

How Custom Orthotics Are Made

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or bunions or are recovering from an accident, you may have heard about the benefits of custom orthotics. These are devices created to align your foot and ankle in a position that is anatomically efficient so that you can move without pain. What are custom orthotics? Custom orthotics are [...]

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