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A concussion is one of the most common injuries that patients present to physiotherapists. They occur as a result of high-impact sports, workplace accidents, and falls.

A concussion may result in significant damage to the brain, which can lead to other secondary health issues.

Physiotherapy can help you recover from a concussion. Working with a skilled physiotherapist lets you identify the right treatment options so that you achieve a full and quick recovery from your concussion.

Recognizing and Understanding Concussion Injuries

Concussion injuries affect millions of people each year. They result from direct impacts made to the head as well as forces that originate in other areas of the body.

A person who has suffered a concussion typically experiences impaired neurological function. This may occur for a short period of time. But in many cases, impairment can continue and increase in severity.

Physical symptoms of a concussion include headaches, dizziness, nausea, inability to move or maintain balance, and blurred vision. Some individuals become highly sensitive to noise or light, and they may experience ringing in the ears.

Problems associated with concentration and memory can arise after a concussion injury. The individual may also experience sleep and mood imbalances.

What to Do After a Concussion

If a person experiences a concussion during physical activity, he or she should immediately stop and see a health professional as soon as possible.

The most critical time period following a concussion is up to 72 hours after the injury has occurred. This is when most of the symptoms arise, but it’s not uncommon for some to appear later.

Also, bone fractures, bleeding, and other factors must also be considered after a concussion. Your physiotherapist can perform a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that you receive the proper treatment.

Concussions in children and young adults can be especially risky. Due to the ongoing development of the brain, symptoms can continue for some time if they return to their daily activities too quickly.

Physiotherapy Benefits for Concussions

Physiotherapy treatments help you recover from a concussion. The right treatment plan can help you restore physical and cognitive functions such as balance and concentration.

Physiotherapists have the knowledge and skills that allow them to treat each individual according to his or her unique needs. This directs the assessment and treatment processes and ensures better results in a shorter period of time.

Your treatment plan consists of exercises that are carefully prescribed to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. They prevent symptoms from becoming worse and new issues from arising.

Patients also receive effective strategies for addressing common issues such as headaches and dizziness. This makes it easy for you to manage your recovery at home and further support the healing process.

Your physiotherapist helps you return to your everyday activities appropriately. Having the resources you need to understand the symptoms and risk factors related to concussions is the first step in achieving a full recovery.

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