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Seatbelts are essential to your safety when driving. Automobile injuries and deaths typically occur when drivers and passengers fail to use their seatbelts.

But just wearing your seatbelt isn’t always enough to protect you. The proper use of seatbelts prevents common injuries.

In some accidents, the injuries sustained by passengers may result from the seatbelt itself. Understanding how to prevent these injuries gives you the highest level of protection when driving.

Seatbelts In Injury Prevention

The use of seatbelts keeps passengers from moving forward when an automobile comes to a sudden stop. This occurs due to a collision or when you quickly apply the brakes to avoid one.

Passengers are also propelled forward when the automobile is hit from behind. In either case, seatbelts prevent you from any impact with your steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield.

Seatbelts must be worn and in good condition in order to protect you and your family. The level of impact can cause you to experience injuries from the seatbelt.

Proper Seatbelt Use

In general, there are two parts to automobile seatbelts: the shoulder and lap belt. The shoulder belt is placed across the midpoint of the chest and shouldn’t be placed close to the neck, as this can increase the risk of injury.

The lap portion of the belt should be placed below the area of the stomach and against the hips. The tightness of the belt is also a factor in preventing injuries. Belts should fit comfortably without being too tight or loose.

The Focus Physiotherapy team recognizes many of the common issues that occur as a result of improper seatbelt use in automobile collisions.

Seatbelt Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord, abdomen, and shoulders occur as a result of improper seatbelt use. Common injuries include dislocations, fractures, and internal bleeding.

Improperly worn seatbelts cause trauma to the body and its internal organs when involved in an accident. Seatbelts must be placed correctly on the body to minimize these and other injuries.

Other injuries consisting of abrasion to the chest, fractures of the sternum, and bruising can also result from your seatbelt’s positioning.

Many issues related to seatbelt injuries are a result of faulty manufacturing that causes tension detectors and other components to fail upon impact. Seatbelts can become detached in a collision due to issues related to their latches.

Focus Physiotherapy has experience in treating these and other injuries. Using the proper treatments allows you to overcome trauma to the muscles and joints while restoring function in the hips, spine, and shoulders.

For more information on how to treat seatbelt-related injuries, contact Focus Physiotherapy today.

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