Sports Medicine Clinic York

As an active York resident, you understand that you can succumb to a sports injury at anytime. After prolonged use and repetitive activity, our muscles, tendons and ligaments can become injured, leaving us in major pain. If your sports injury is severe enough, you may need help to walk again. No matter if you have sustained a broken bone, a sprained ankle or a pulled muscle that is keeping you from your active lifestyle, we can help.

Focus Physiotherapy in York

For sports injury rehab in York, our team at Focus Physiotherapy is the best you can get. We are owned and operated by licensed physiotherapists and our patients’ needs always come first. Instead of visiting a walk-in clinic that may not have state-of-the-art equipment or clean facilities, come to our clinic for extensive sports injury treatment.

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients and treat everyone like they are members of our family. It’s important to us to remain professional and friendly while we help you overcome your injury because we know how hard rehab can be. We understand that you’re in pain and may not have the energy to work as hard as you would if you weren’t injured. At Focus Physiotherapy York, we will do everything in our power to ensure you are comfortable during the rehab process.

Treatment You Can Count On

Our rehab programs are tailored to the individual. We see no reason to provide our patients with a sports injury recovery program that is generic. Everyone responds to treatment at their own pace and we understand that what works for a baseball player with an injured shoulder isn’t going to work for a basketball star with the same injury.

We will design your rehab program based on your body, your injury, and your lifestyle. Furthermore, we also have acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists, counsellors and other healthcare practitioners on staff to augment your recovery process. At Focus Physiotherapy in York, our comprehensive treatment can include everything from custom orthotics to spinal decompression, to laser therapy, depending on the severity of your sports injury.

Innovative Treatment For Sports Injuries

We are one of the only physiotherapy clinics in Canada to possess an AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill. This innovative technology gives those recovering from a sports injury the ability to walk and run as they normally would. By reducing your body weight up to 80%, the AlterG allows you to stay in shape as you undergo your rehabilitation.

Many athletes worry that they will not be able to maintain their regular exercise routine as they receive injury treatment. Your routine will be altered to ensure there is no chance of reinjury, so that with the anti-gravity treadmill incorporated into your treatment, you’ll still be able to remain in great shape.

Please visit our York clinic in person or contact us online or by phone. We are here to give you the necessary tools for rehabilitation so you can get back to being you. Whether you’re a member of the Raptors, Leafs, Jays, a long-distance runner, or you injured yourself playing with your grandkids, we’ll ensure that you experience a safe recovery.