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North York Willowdale

As far as North York neighbourhoods go, Willowdale provides the perfect backdrop to start a family, retire and enjoy life as you see fit. It is fastly becoming the premier area of North York to buy property and settle down. Your family is more important than anything. What do you in the event of a catastrophic accident? Car and motorcycle accidents and major muscle injuries can happen without warning. Who do you turn to to help you with your recovery? The answer is Focus Physiotherapy. We are North York’s premier physiotherapy clinic and our goal is to ensure you experience a speedy and complete recovery no matter what type of injury you’ve sustained.

Extensive treatment for a full recovery

We are owned and operated by a network of registered physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals who specialize in catastrophic injury rehabilitation. Major injuries are generally life-threatening in nature but Focus Physiotherapy provides our patients with specialized treatment to ensure that you can get back on your feet. Our team will assess your physiotherapy needs and create a treatment plan that is unique to your situation. When you leave our North York clinic and get back to your everyday life in Willowdale, you will be stronger and ready to live your life to the fullest. We will restore your physical health and get you back to your pre-accident self.

Your full recovery is around the corner

Our patients know that we put their needs first. Our state-of-the-art North York clinic is equipped with the latest technology and staffed with only the best professionals in the industry to ensure that no matter the type of injury you’ve suffered, you are getting the care you need. We offer patient-focused care that uses different therapeutic modalities to give you better outcomes on your road to a full recovery. Depending on the severity of your injury, your recovery could take weeks, months or even years, but rest assured that we will be there guiding you every step of the way.

Additional services to complement your treatment

At Focus Physiotherapy in North York, our physiotherapy services go above and beyond the traditional treatment plans. To enhance your recovery, we offer additional services like laser therapy or electrical modalities, sports medicine approaches and lumbar traction. Moreover, custom biomechanical devices such as foot orthotics and knee braces can be created to help you deal with issues involving your gait and stability. There are other subcategories of physiotherapy like age-related services (pediatrics and geriatrics) and neurology that we can add to your treatment plan. Finally, our team extends to other health practitioners like physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists and dieticians to help round out your treatment.

For almost two decades, Focus Physiotherapy has been at the forefront of physiotherapeutic treatment and rehabilitation for major and minor injuries. We are here to help you get back on your feet and your perfect life in Willowdale through the best care and supplementary services in Ontario.