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Mississauga Hurontario

Catastrophic injuries can strike at any time. It’s impossible to know when and where they’ll happen and what it will take to get you healthy again. For many people in Mississauga – whether you live on Hurontario street or Dundas –  don’t know where to turn following an accident. How do you get your life back? Where can you undergo the best rehabilitation in the area? At Focus Physiotherapy, our clinic ensures patients are able to reach their maximum potential.

Get your life back after injury

Recovery may end with you but it starts with us. Getting your life back after an accident can be taxing but our team of skilled physiotherapists and healthcare professionals are trained to get you on your feet. We are partnered with OHIP and offer additional services like pre and postoperative therapy following surgery, pelvic floor conditioning and comprehensive treatments for the whole body, no matter what the issue is. Whether you have suffered head-trauma or concussions, been involved in a car crash and experienced whiplash and seat belt damage, serious falls or muscle atrophy, our Hurontario adjacent clinic is available to you to get you moving again.

Why choose Focus Physiotherapy?

Focus Physiotherapy is one of the most trusted physiotherapy clinics in the GTA because we put our patients first. Founded by licensed physiotherapists, we are dedicated to your recovery, no matter what it takes. Our dedicated staff continue to educate themselves on new technology and industry trends to make sure our state-of-the-art clinics are able to serve your needs at all times. Your needs come first, whether you require ‘round the clock rehabilitation or weekly services. Our commitment to our patients remains strong and we strive to give you the best care in Ontario. Your physical strength is our priority and we’ll come up with a treatment plan to help you regain it as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Recovery is one step away

We help people with all types of injuries get their life back. Our physiotherapists work in tandem with various healthcare service providers such as physicians to create personalized treatment plans for our patients. Our services encompass a wide array of subcategories of physiotherapy like neurology and age-related services (geriatrics, pediatrics). Furthermore, we provide our patients with additional health care practitioners to aid in their rehabilitation. Dieticians, massage therapists and acupuncturists are available as needed to make your road to recovery a smooth one.  

Complementary services to ensure maximum care

Traditional physical therapy, coupled with complementary services allows for maximum care. At Focus Physiotherapy, we aim to enhance your recovery by optimizing your care. If necessary we will implement a sports medicine approach to your treatment or use electrical modalities or laser therapy. Moreover, we are able to perform lumbar traction or decompression to help alleviate your symptoms, and can use custom biomechanical devices (knee braces and foot orthotics, for example) to deal with any issues you may have concerning stability and gait.

Overcoming a catastrophic injury, recovering from a car accident or even getting back to your old self following a sports injury, is no easy feat. However, at Focus Physiotherapy in Hurontario, you are guaranteed optimal care and an efficient recovery.