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Mississauga Fairview

With a population of 18,339, Fairview is a South Central Mississauga hamlet perfect for for families just starting out. Located in close proximity to the Square One area, Fairview offers a burgeoning community where you can raise your kids, live peacefully and eventually retire.

However, residents of Fairview understand that accidents happen without warning. Regardless of your injury, physiotherapy can help you to get back to doing the things you love.

At Focus Physiotherapy, we will rehabilitate you until you’re good as new.

Fairview physiotherapy clinic

Focus Physiotherapy has long been established as offering trusted and comprehensive physiotherapy services throughout the GTA. Our commitment to your health and getting you back on your feet never waivers because we believe in our clients.

No matter if your injuries are minor or major, our team of licensed physiotherapists will create a rehabilitation program designed specifically for your needs. We provide our clients with the most effective physiotherapy options available so you can recover and build your strength quickly and completely. Our Fairview physiotherapy team strive to ensure each client is meeting their recovery goals safely and efficiently.

The path towards recovery

At Focus Physiotherapy, our team of experienced physiotherapists will thoroughly examine your body and assess your injury.

This allows us to best determine the exact path you’ll need to follow to reach a full recovery. We tailor our rehabilitation strategies and pain management techniques to each client to ensure you get the right treatment for your injury.

We provide supplemental treatments as needed such as laser or electric modalities to boost your healing. We also have sports medicine oriented treatment and can implement spinal traction or decompression if necessary. Finally, we make custom biomechanical rehabilitation aids like knee braces and orthotics to support you as you recover.

Get your life back following a car accident

Car accidents are all too common. They require intense rehabilitation that only a registered physiotherapist can provide. Our team are registered health professionals who have studied and continue to study the profession of physiotherapy to make sure they are familiar with new technologies to give our clients the utmost care. Following a car accident, our team will assess your injuries and provide a care plan that will get you back on your feet. It is our obligation to provide our clients with the tools and care needed to ensure a full and timely recovery.

Experience the Focus Physiotherapy difference

We offer comprehensive physiotherapy packages that are designed to each client’s needs and we are partnered with OHIP. Our team is comprised of specialists in the different fields such as pediatrics, neurology, geriatrics and physiotherapy. On top of that, we provide our clients with massage therapists, dieticians and acupuncturists to complement the recovery process and ensure you are comfortable every step of the way.

The need for physiotherapy can strike without warning. Whether you experienced whiplash, concussion, head-trauma or any other ordeal that harmed your body, we are here to help you get your life back. Contact us today for more information. Recovery is your future.