Sports Medicine Clinic Etobicoke

For almost two decades, Focus Physiotherapy has been providing the people of Etobicoke with advanced physiotherapy to ensure a better, more mobile life. Whether you have recently been in an accident, sprained your ankle while playing basketball, or are having mobility issues as you age, we will get you back on your feet. Sports injury rehabilitation is available in Etobicoke to help you recover.

Your Neighbourhood Physio Clinic

As a resident of Etobicoke, you don’t want to travel far for your rehabilitation, especially if you have recently suffered a sports injury and have trouble moving. Sports injuries are injuries resulting from repetitive stress or acute trauma sustained during various athletic activities (running, walking, cycling, competitive sports, team sports, outdoor sports etc.).

Sporting injuries can range from pulled muscles, to broken bones, to torn ligaments. No matter if you were snowboarding and took a spill, or moving the puck from centre ice when you collided with another player, or lost your footing while running down a hill, we are here to help. As your neighbourhood physiotherapy clinic, we treat all sports injuries and will aid you in your quest for a full-blown recovery.

Owned And Operated By Registered Physiotherapists

There are many physiotherapy clinics in the Greater Toronto Area, yet we manage to stand out year after year. What sets Focus Physiotherapy apart from the other clinics is that we are owned and operated by registered physiotherapists. Who better to treat sports injuries in Etobicoke than people who are trained and certified to do that and more?

Besides being staffed with skilled physiotherapists, we also employ other registered health practitioners like counsellors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and nutritionists to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. While some clinics only hire registered physiotherapists as needed, we are all full-time employees of Focus Physiotherapy, so we can be sure that our patients get the right rehabilitation treatments the moment they need them.

Sports Medicine Clinic & Injury Rehabilitation

Our main goal is to make sure you get the best treatment possible. For sports injuries, we utilize different therapeutic modalities to bring you back to your optimal health. We will work to strengthen and improve your muscle coordination while ensuring that the surrounding joints are protected. Our aim is to promote your range of motion without amplifying stress, so you can stay fit as you undergo your treatments. In addition, at Focus Physiotherapy in Etobicoke, our services extend beyond rehabilitation for sports injuries. We also offer pediatric and geriatric treatments, pelvic floor retraining, catastrophic accident rehabilitation, car accident recovery, spinal decompression and laser therapy. Furthermore, we are partnered with OHIP to provide affordable treatment.

There’s no reason for our clients to spend all their money on injury rehabilitation. We want you to get your mobility back without you going bankrupt doing it.

Please visit our Etobicoke clinic in person for more information. You can also contact us by phone or request an appointment online. Whether you are a professional athlete making your debut with the Blue Jays, or a weekend soccer wonderkid outscoring everyone in your semi-pro league, we are here to get you back on your feet safely.