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Motor vehicle accidents can happen without notice. One moment you’re driving down a peaceful Etobicoke street when all of a sudden a car speeds through an intersection, causing catastrophic damage to you and your vehicle. No matter how much pain and strife you have endured from a motor vehicle accident, we can help. Focus Physiotherapy is one of the premier rehabilitation clinics in Etobicoke, with state-of-the-art facilities designed to get you back on your feet.

What happens after a car accident?

Following a motor vehicle accident, you may experience serious injuries. For some, the injuries occur upon impact; for others, the injuries can take a few days to make their presence known. The most common car accident injuries affect the upper spine and neck, leaving you with joint and muscle pain, headaches and pain in the arms and legs. The effects of a car crash can last for years if you do not work with a physiotherapist. In severe cases, the effects can recur over a 6 to 18 month period, which is why it’s imperative that you visit a physiotherapist clinic. Physiotherapists are trained to help you recover and ensure that severe injuries do not recur in time.

Accident treatment for Etobicoke residents

At Focus Physiotherapy we treat all facets of motor vehicle accidents, such as:

  • Whiplash: Through various interventions and therapies, we will restore your movement and help you regain full use of your neck.
  • Seat belt injuries: The force of the seat belt’s protection during a car accident can create bleeding, bruising, stiff neck, trouble breathing and weakness. Our treatment involves removing the damage caused by the seat belt through various physiotherapeutic techniques.
  • Motorcycle injuries: Motorcycle injuries can range from mild to severe. We examine the scope of your injuries and create a treatment plan directed at helping you regain your strength at your pace.
  • Concussion: Our team of registered physiotherapists will work to assist you in your recovery from concussion or mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury). We will treat issues that stem from brain injuries, like vision impairments, uncoordination, headaches, memory loss and increased irritability.

Why choose Focus Physiotherapy?

We believe that the needs of our patients come first. Focus Physiotherapy is centred on patient care where no injury is too severe to treat and no client is a burden. When you come to us following a motor vehicle accident, you can rest assured that our licensed physiotherapists and healthcare professionals will work tirelessly to get you back to your pre-accident self. We are founded and staffed by registered physiotherapists who are trained and versed in various therapeutic modalities and therapies that range from massage, pelvic floor retraining and pre- and post-op treatment to laser therapy, acupuncture and spinal decompression. Moreover, each treatment plan is tailored to the individual because everyone responds differently and a one-size-fits-all program simply doesn’t work.

Please contact Focus Physiotherapy if you have suffered a motor vehicle accident. We can help you get your life back, one perfectly calculated and supervised movement at a time.