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Brampton West is one of the most populous electoral ridings in Canada. That’s a lot of people who are at risk of catastrophic injury. The need for physiotherapy can happen at anytime. When it strikes, what will you do? Where can you turn for rehabilitation services that will help you restore your post-accident strength? With Focus Physiotherapy’s Brampton location at your disposal, you’re in good hands.

Physiotherapy services in your neighbourhood

Our Brampton clinic offers rehab treatment for everything from catastrophic car accident injuries to sports injuries. The recovery process starts with a meeting with our licensed physiotherapists. They will determine the rehabilitation program that best suits your needs. The comprehensive treatment you get at Focus Physiotherapy is tailored to your unique situation. Every person responds to treatment at their own pace and our goal is to ensure you get the best therapeutic services you need to get back to your old self.

Why you need the expertise of a licensed physiotherapist

Our clinic is owned and operated by licensed physiotherapists who will evaluate your needs. If you go to a walk-in clinic you will normally be treated by a general practitioner who can only recommend treatment for a catastrophic accident or sports injury.

When you visit our clinic you will undergo treatment based on what you need to get back on your feet instead of a prescription that will simply numb the pain. Although pain medication is sometimes required, we will teach you how to use your muscles again and move without discomfort. Our team doesn’t only include physiotherapists. At Focus Physiotherapy in Brampton, we offer other services such as pediatrics, neurology, and geriatrics. In addition, we are staffed with dieticians, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. Finally, we also provide laser therapy, electrical modalities, and biomechanical devices to help with your gait and stability (custom knee braces and orthotics).

Making a difference in Brampton West for over 15 years

We have operated our Brampton clinic for over 15 years. We have welcomed athletes looking to recover from a sports injury to people involved in severe car accidents hoping to walk again. We are a staple in the community and will continue to offer our comprehensive physiotherapy services for years to come. Our clinic is able to thrive in an age where physiotherapy services seem to be popping up on every corner because we always put our patients first. With a patient-centred approach to recovery, we aim to ensure that whatever you need to get back on your feet, we can provide it. Moreover, we are partnered with OHIP and we can make house calls to provide treatment for those who cannot leave their home.

Going beyond traditional recovery for motor vehicle accidents

Car accidents happen all too often but our clinic is prepared with treatment options. Car accidents can result in long-term disabilities if proper rehabilitation methods are not used. With our supportive nature, complete treatments, state-of-the-art facilities and cutting edge technology, you will recover in a positive atmosphere where your healing is the only thing that matters.

No matter which part of Brampton West you live, Focus Physiotherapy is at the ready to help you in the event of a catastrophic accident or sports injury. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our physiotherapy services.