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The need for physiotherapy can strike at any moment. Car accidents happen without warning. Sports injuries are all too common. Where do you turn when you need physiotherapy Springdale?

A licensed physiotherapy clinic in Brampton

Focus Physiotherapy has been operating in Brampton for over 15 years. We are a member of your community and do everything we can to give back. With our patient-centred approach to recovery, our goal is to ensure you experience the best care possible. We provide our patients with optimal tools to get them back on their feet.

Our clinic is owned and operated by licensed physiotherapists because we feel that the best treatment comes from those who are experienced in their field. If you go to a walk-in clinic, you will not receive physiotherapy services that are tailored to your situation. You will get either a recommendation from a general practitioner to come to our clinic or you will be given a generic diagnosis and prescribed painkillers. Instead of wasting your time at the walk-in, visit the licensed physiotherapists at our clinic in Brampton.

Return to your former self

Our trained staff goes above and beyond traditional physiotherapy modalities. We create unique programs tailored to each client. We want to ensure that the treatment you receive is beneficial to you and is conducive to your body’s healing process. Besides our physiotherapeutic treatments, we provide acupuncture, massage therapy, dietary planning and advice, pain management, and work to prevent recurring injury. Furthermore, we offer biomechanical aids such as custom made orthotics and braces to provide support for your joints as you heal.

Sports injury treatment for athletes by athletes

Springdale is made of up athletes of all ages. Whether you are a young basketball star in the making, an NHL star, or a seasoned tennis pro, we treat sports injuries of all kinds. In fact, many of our licensed physiotherapists are athletes themselves. The complex nature of sports injuries require a deeper understanding of the body and how each movement must be handled during the recovery period. Luckily, our trained staff can provide the most effective treatment for injuries incurred from different sports.

An OHIP partner in your neighbourhood

No matter where you live in Springdale, you can take advantage of our impeccable recovery treatment services. We are partnered with OHIP to allow the best care in tandem with the Ontario government. In addition to our OHIP partnership, we possess the tools to come to your home and deliver personalized treatment should you be unable to make your in-clinic appointment or are immobile following a catastrophic accident. We will address your injury, no matter what it is, and understand the effect it has on your life. If you cannot come to us then we will come to you so as not to disrupt the flow of your recovery.

Contact Focus Physiotherapy for more information. We will help you return to your former self, one well-managed step at a time.