A knee injury can reduce us to immobility. When you can’t walk without feeling discomfort in your knee, it can make you retreat to the couch where you feel hopeless. You don’t have to live this way. Knee injuries are treatable. At Focus Physiotherapy in Bolton, your knee injury will be treated through biomechanical intervention (custom knee brace) allowing you to walk and move freely without pain.

What is a custom knee brace and why is it necessary for recovery?

Although our knees share anatomy, no two are alike. For this reason, we fit your brace to the precise measurements of your leg. Wearing a knee brace from the pharmacy will not help your recovery. Those braces are designed as a one-size-fits-all solution and could seriously hinder your rehabilitation process and cause further injuries to your knee. Instead, visit our clinic in Bolton to receive a customized brace that is created to suit your recovery needs. Furthermore, our custom braces are slim and can be easily concealed under pants. They come in a variety of colours, feature air vents to allow your knee and leg to breathe and reduce the effects of friction when you take a step.

Customized braces categories

Braces come in three different categories and each is crafted to suit a distinct type of injury. Our trained staff will first review your diagnosis and perform a comprehensive exam to see what type of brace will accommodate your particular ailment.

The three categories of knee brace are:

  1. Patellofemoral brace
    To keep the kneecap in place, patellofemoral braces are used. The kneecap (patella) is held in place with a strap that gives the knee the ability to move safely.
  2. Functional brace
    For sports injuries, functional knee braces are used. Typically worn after surgery, functional braces protect the ligaments from the possibility of becoming re-injured during a sports game or related activity.
  3. Unloader brace
    For ultimate stability, an unloader brace can prove very helpful. This type of brace is designed to support the joints, which is important if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

All braces are designed to provide support, stability and allow your knee and leg to move safely. Whether you are trying to correct ligament strains, recover from meniscus damage, deal with general knee pain or suffer from osteoarthritis, a custom brace gives you the freedom to walk again without feeling uncomfortable.

Why choose Focus Physiotherapy in Bolton

Our clinics are owned and operated by registered physiotherapists and our Bolton location is no exception. We believe in providing our patients with treatment programs that are designed to suit their individual recovery needs. When you visit our Bolton location, whether it is to be fitted for a knee brace or to undergo comprehensive physiotherapy following a catastrophic accident, you will be treated by a variety of specialists who have one goal in mind: To get you back to your pre-accident self. Whether you are looking for a knee brace to help you play sports again or suffer from osteoarthritis and need extra support for your patella and leg, Focus Physiotherapy in Bolton is in your corner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Bolton location in person. We will ensure you get the right brace for your knee ailment and can move without pain.