After a knee injury you may have trouble moving without pain. Your recovery from a knee injury can benefit from a custom brace, especially if you come to Focus Physiotherapy’s North York clinic for treatment.

The benefits of a custom knee brace

Customized braces provide support and stability and help evenly distribute your body weight so you’re not putting undue pressure on your knees as you recover. The reason we create custom braces and don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to knee injuries is that everyone’s knees are different. Sure, all knees have the same components, but each of our legs have their own unique sizes and dimensions. When we create a custom knee brace for you, we use the exact specifications of your legs. When you do not use the right measurements, you could be stuck with a brace that is too tight, too big, or causes more harm than good by aggravating the injury you are trying to heal.

Knee brace categories

Even though your brace will be customized, it’s important that it suits the right purpose. There are three categories of braces that can be used to treat knee injuries. Ea ch brace type is designed to provide, stability, comfort and support so that you can move safely while wearing it.

Before you are fitted for your custom brace, our knee experts will examine your knee to come up with a treatment plan. Our experts will take into account different factors, such as if you are looking to treat general knee pain, are plagued by osteoarthritis, suffer from meniscal damage, or need to fix ligament strains. Once that’s complete, you’ll be fitted with a brace from the following three categories:

  1. Patellofemoral brace
    This type of knee brace is designed to hold the kneecap (patella) in its correct place. By using a firm yet comfortable strap, your knee cap can move safely without losing its positioning.
  2. Functional brace
    For sports injuries, functional braces are worn post-surgery to ensure that the ligaments aren’t harmed when you move.
  3. Unloader brace
    This type of brace relies on specially made hinges to reduce friction during movement. Unloader braces also support joints and are perfect for those who need stability to deal with rheumatoid arthritis.

A foot care clinic in the heart of North York

At Focus Physiotherapy’s North York location, you’ll experience what it’s like to receive treatment in a state-of-the-art recovery centre. Our patients come first and we work with you to ensure your recovery process is as painless as possible. When you visit us, whether for a custom knee brace or for therapeutic interventions following a car accident, you have access to our team of licensed physiotherapists who are knowledgeable about all facets of recovery. Because we are owned and operated by registered physiotherapists you are in good hands when you come to our North York clinic for your rehabilitation.

Please contact us or visit our North York location if you are suffering from a knee injury. We can fit you for a custom knee brace and come up with a tailored treatment plan to help you move without pain.