Focus Physiotherapy is a relatively new member of the North York community but we have made a great initial impact in our new location using the same methods and patient-centred care that has established us for decades in our other 4 locations.

Located at 4789 Yonge Street, Unit 506 in the Hullmark centre, we are quickly establishing ourselves as one of the most respected physiotherapy clinics in this vibrant area. The Yonge and Sheppard area is diverse and our patients come to us with a wide range of physiotherapy needs and goals.

For this reason, we have specifically tailored our North York location to meet these needs. Our patient-centred care approach, which aims to work with our clients in order to design and structure physiotherapy treatment that meets their unique goals and schedules is what drives our business. We are fully owned and operated by licensed physiotherapists, and our lack of attachment to any other private or public interests means that we are able to continue to dictate the philosophy of our business. We are physiotherapist professionals, first and foremost, and our client’s health is placed first before any other considerations.

Our North York clinic prides itself on not only providing outstanding physiotherapy, but on ensuring that the community has access to physiotherapy professionals for many years to come. We do this by partnering with local schools and providing students with opportunities to work and learn in our state of the art facilities, and by sponsoring internship programs. This dedication to physiotherapy and community healthcare in general has made our start-up in North York very successful, allowing us to invest money back into the business and perfect our treatment and facilities.

Many first time patients are truly amazed at just how broad and comprehensive the list of services that we offer are, but we like to structure each clinic in our five locations to meet the local communities specific needs. In North York, in addition to treatment for car, sports and overuse injuries, we also have state of the art facilities and equipment that are able to help patients who have suffered catastrophic injury, requiring advanced knowledge and care, and patients who have experienced strokes, or minor brain injury and concussion.

Our North York clinic is partnered with some of the best, most well respected health care professionals in the area. Our network of physicians and other professionals means that our patients have access to the most comprehensive treatment options and expert advice that will aid them in their recovery and provide them with peace of mind during their rehabilitation.

Whether your physiotherapy needs are big or small, you would like to set up a long-term rehabilitative strategy, manage pain, or preempt a recurring injury with targeted, specialized physiotherapy, we have the staff and the expertise to handle all of your needs.

Get in touch with our North York clinic today and let Focus Physiotherapy show you why it is continuing to establish itself as one of the most trusted, and respected names in North York physiotherapy.