Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment Mississauga

The effects of motor vehicle accidents, whether they are severe or minor, require treatment. Because car and motorcycle accidents happen without warning, the need for physiotherapy may not be on your mind. However, the moment you or a loved one find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident in Mississauga, the first place you should turn is Focus Physiotherapy.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident

After being involved in a car crash, you will experience symptoms that range from severely painful to a mild nuisance. Our goal is to deal with all symptoms and treat each injury until you have fully recovered. We will address everything from joint and muscle pain to headaches, arm and leg pain, neck stiffness and spine problems. At Focus Physiotherapy’s Mississauga clinic, we rely on various techniques like massage therapy, acupuncture, pelvic floor retraining, spinal decompression, pre- and post-op therapy, laser therapy and electrical modalities, and we can even craft custom orthotics for our patients.

Treatment you can trust

Our comprehensive motor vehicle accident care encompasses treatment for whiplash, seat belt injuries, motorcycle injuries and concussion. You can trust that our team of registered physiotherapists and healthcare professionals will work tirelessly to ensure you get what you need to recover without the chance of reinjury.

  • Whiplash: When the neck is thrown into uncomfortable movements from the impact of a motor vehicle crash, whiplash occurs. We offer various therapeutic modalities to help restore movement to your neck and erase the pain of whiplash.
  • Seat belt injuries: Although seat belts are designed to protect us in the event of an accident, they can cause injuries. Our seat belt injury treatment allows the bruising and damage caused by the impact of the belt to heal properly.
  • Motorcycle injuries: The injuries sustained following a motorcyle accident are often severe and require extensive rehabilitation. We will create a program that eliminates the pain associated with motorcycle injuries and lets you heal comfortably.
  • Concussion: Concussion or mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) can lead to problems with vision, coordination issues, memory loss, increased irritability and headaches. Our concussion and mTBI treatments rely on tried and tested rehabilitation models that will get you back to your old self.

Focus Physiotherapy’s Mississauga clinic

When you visit our Mississauga clinic, you are in good hands. Our team of healthcare professionals and licensed physiotherapists provide a patient-centred approach to recovery. We believe that the best way to treat the injuries sustained following a motor vehicle accident is to come up with a treatment plan that suits the individual. Everyone responds to treatment differently and at their own pace, which is why we tailor our therapeutic modalities to each patient. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan that we can offer, because we want each patient to get the exact care and therapy they need to get back on their feet.

Contact Focus Physiotherapy Mississauga for more information about our motor vehicle accident treatment. You deserve to return to your pre-accident self, and we’ll help you every step of the way.


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