Focus Physiotherapy has been a proud small business and physiotherapy provider in the city of Mississauga for the past 20 years. We are not only focused on providing the community of Mississauga with the most comprehensive and respected physiotherapy services available, but we also strive to give back and contribute to the community that has made us so successful.

Sponsoring food drives, shelters and local athletics programs, we want our name to be synonymous with not only physical health and strength, but community engagement. It didn’t take us long for the community of Mississauga to embrace our unique approach and before we knew it, we were definitely in need of more space. We moved from our original location to our current location in the same plaza on Hurontario Street, just with added space and improved facilities.

Focus Physiotherapy’s Mississauga location offers a wide range of services, including a partnership with OHIP that allows us to work with the province of Ontario to help patients using provincial disability and Ontario Works services. Our Mississauga location is also one of the premier providers of gait mobility retraining for people who have been in traumatic car accidents, or have suffered debilitating strokes. Mississauga’s extensive athletic community, from runners to hockey players, also benefits from our clinics comprehensive facilities, whether its recovery after a surgery, or a sports or overuse related injury.

What we strive for at our Mississauga location is total patient centred care. Patient centred care is a physiotherapy and general health care provision philosophy that seeks to work with the patient and develop treatment methods and implement decision making models that balance patient needs and goals with professional physiotherapy methods. Because we have developed such a wide network of partnerships and working relationships with Mississauga’s most trusted healthcare professionals, including surgeons and physicians, we are able to offer our patients unprecedented treatment and recovery options found nowhere else in the community.

In addition to our unparalleled approach and dedication to physiotherapy, we also try to give back to the community of Mississauga by ensuring that its residents have access to competent, caring and highly trained physiotherapy professionals for years to come. We partner with local schools, and endorse and sponsor student internships in an effort to guarantee that Mississauga will always have a steady supply of highly trained industry professionals now, and well into the future.

Our clinics are fully owned and operated by licensed physiotherapists, which has provided our patients with the assurance and the peace of mind that when they come to us, they are being treated by professionals who truly place their needs at the forefront. We don’t report to any investors, or other private/public interests, so we are free to pursue healthcare in an entirely patient-centred manner.

Our Mississauga clinic provides the entire spectrum of physiotherapy services, for all manner of injuries and rehabilitation. Whether you have been in a car accident, require massage therapy, need rehabilitative care because of stress, sports, or work related injury, our state of the art facilities and equipment and expert physiotherapists are able to design programs that will provide you with truly long-term and life altering results.

Contact our Mississauga clinic today and schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate, licensed and experienced physiotherapists.