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At Focus Physiotherapy, our goal is to create individual programs to provide experienced clinical care in the management of our patients in Etobicoke and Humber Bay. Whether you are in need of car accident treatment or fracture management, or are recovering from a sports injury, Focus Physiotherapy’s client-centred approach to rehabilitation will get you back to doing the things you love.

Debilitating injuries, such as whiplash, fractures, broken bones, and sprains, are all too common and often come without warning. For those who have experienced a catastrophic injury, rehabilitation is the hardest part of getting back to your old self.

Our extensive and comprehensive services help you to overcome these injuries and more, establishing long term health and vitality. As a physiotherapist owned and operated clinic, we are able to offer dedicated and integrated care.

Car accident treatment

Car accident treatment programs are tailored to the individual. Recovery from a car accident is unique to each person, so we provide patient-centred services that allow you to recover at your own pace. Through physiotherapy and diligent professional services, we help our patients reach the maximum level of recovery so they can return to their everyday life. Car accident treatment consists of physical and mental recovery. Our registered physiotherapists and trained staff strive to do what’s best for our patients in Etobicoke and Humber Bay.

Whiplash treatment and fracture management

At Focus Physiotherapy, we offer a multifaceted approach to whiplash treatment and fracture management. For each patient, we create a three-tier personalized treatment program that deals with a mix of interventions, physiotherapy, and prevention techniques to ensure optimal health and function.

  1. Clinic-based treatment: Our physiotherapists work with you one-on-one to effectively treat injuries.
  2. Patient education: We provide you with prevention techniques and education to make sure you understand each facet of your treatment.
  3. A home program: We equip you with the tools necessary to continue the last steps of your recovery at home so you can reach your maximum potential and return to your day-to-day activities.

Etobicoke physiotherapist clinic for catastrophic injury treatment

Focus Physiotherapy is staffed with registered health practitioners who provide each patient with the utmost level of care to help them through their recovery and beyond. Our investment in Etobicoke patients’ well-being is what allows us to offer quality care and service. Rehabilitation from a catastrophic injury requires a complete understanding of the patient’s goals, lifestyle, and physical wellbeing. Through detailed assessments, we provide catastrophic injury treatment for a speedy recovery.

Sports injury treatment for enhanced recovery

Recovering from any injury requires dedicated treatment. Our sports injury treatment allows Etobicoke and Humber Bay patients to experience a variety of additional services to complement their physiotherapy treatment in order to speed up recovery. Focus Physiotherapy’s patient-specific sports injury treatment plans are designed for the individual and incorporate electrical modalities, including laser therapy, lumbar traction or decompression, biomechanical devices and massage therapy as needed. Furthermore, our sports injury treatment in Etobicoke and Humber Bay includes several support services in pediatrics, neurology and geriatrics, as well as dieticians and acupuncturists should the patient require these services.

At Focus Physiotherapy, our Etobicoke and Humber Bay patient-centric services and therapeutic care programs ensure that you’re able to resume living your life to its fullest.