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Knee injuries can be so damaging that you have trouble putting one foot in front of the other. Even the most basic knee injury can find you unable to move. Knee braces have come a long way since their inception and technological advances have turned them from heavy machinery into lightweight biomechanical items that help you recover with ease. However, you shouldn’t go to the drugstore and buy any old knee brace. Instead, visit Focus Physiotherapy in Etobicoke for a custom knee brace that is designed to treat your specific injury.

What Are Custom Knee Braces?

The knee braces of today are made of stronger, lighter, sturdier materials, with vents to allow air to pass through. They protect your knee by offloading some of your body weight and securing the kneecap in a better position. When you come to our Etobicoke clinic, you will have a knee brace created just for you. Although their function is the same, everyone’s knees are different. For this reason, we customize the brace to the individual, based on their precise leg measurements.

A Clinic Staffed With Knee Experts

Our Etobicoke clinic is staffed with physiotherapists who know the inner workings of the knee and how to treat every possible ailment. There are three categories of knee braces to choose from, which we will also customise depending on your recovery plan.

  1. Patellofemoral knee brace
    This type of knee brace is designed to keep the patella (kneecap) in place. A patellofemoral knee brace holds the kneecap in firmly with a durable strap. Even though there is a strap holding in the kneecap, it is still able to move safely.
  2. Functional knee brace
    This type of knee brace is designed to treat sports injuries. It is worn post-surgery, to ensure that the ligaments in the knee and leg are able to properly heal.
  3. Unloader brace
    This type of knee brace is designed to treat knee joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis and stability issues. This brace uses hinges to reduce friction and support the joints as you move.

Our physiotherapists will perform a comprehensive examination of your knee and leg to determine the right type of brace for you. Because each of the three types of braces are created with different support systems, wearing the wrong one can force your knee into awkward positions and hinder your recovery process. In fact, the wrong brace can even cause further injuries to the knee and damage the leg in the process.

Foot Care Treatment in Etobicoke

There are many treatment centres in Etobicoke but none are founded and fully owned by licensed physiotherapists. And who better than a registered physiotherapist to provide physical therapy. At Focus Physiotherapy, our focus is on your wellbeing. Whether you come to us with a severe knee injury in need of rehabilitation and a customized brace, or require intensive intervention following a catastrophic motor vehicle accident, we can help get you back on your feet. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive physiotherapy options that help you recover at a pace that makes sense for you. Using a patient-centric approach, we create personalized treatment plans to suit your individual recovery needs.

Please contact Focus Physiotherapy for more information regarding our custom knee braces or visit our Etobicoke clinic. We’ll get your knees back to working order, so you can move without pain again.