The way we walk plays a role in how our entire body functions. Living in Etobicoke, you understand how important walking is because there are so many parks, green spaces and beautiful scenery to take in on foot. Walking is good for your health and improves your overall cardiovascular system. But, what happens when you’re in an accident or have trouble taking steps without pain in your knees and joints? Enter custom orthotics.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that serve the medical purpose of eliminating any pain and discomfort associated with walking, running and standing. Orthotics are made to control the function of the foot and correct imbalances by modifying the weight-bearing areas. We often neglect our foot health; however, with custom made orthotics we can overcome alignment issues, improve our posture and correct any problems with arch support and balance. Also, custom orthotics improve the structural integrity of the feet and get rid of mechanical deficiencies, gait issues and do away with pain the the foot, ankles, lower back and hips.

What Is The Process Involved?

We use a specific process to create your orthotics. First, we evaluate the medical history of your feet. Do you have recurring foot ailments like pronation, supination, bunions, or plantar fasciitis? Do you drag your feet when you walk? Have you ever had leg surgery or broken a toe? This helps us determine what medical problems the custom orthotics need to overcome.

Next, we perform a detailed biomechanical evaluation of your lower extremities, analyze your gait and examine your walking pattern. Here, we’ll be able to see exactly how you walk and you can tell us where the pain and discomfort are as you take each step. Furthermore, we can figure out if you have bone misalignment, overused muscles, ligament problems, tendon issues, or a deformity (one leg shorter than the other, one foot flatter than the other etc.).

Through advanced Gaitscan Technology we get accurate readings of your feet when they are at rest and in motion. The orthotics are customized to the shape of your feet and designed to adapt to your lifestyle. For instance if you work a job that requires you to be on your feet all day or you are a runner, the inserts will be created for the purposes and activities you need them for.

A Clinic In The Heart Of Etobicoke

Focus physiotherapy’s Etobicoke clinic is here to serve you. We are owned and operated by trained physiotherapists and healthcare professionals, each certified in their chosen field. Besides offering custom orthotics and gait management, we provide the people of Etobicoke with accident rehabilitation for catastrophic motor vehicle collisions, nutritional guidance, acupuncture, pelvic floor retraining, massage therapy and more. Our treatment programs and services are customized to the individual, just like our orthotics, to promote better and faster healing.

Please contact Focus Physiotherapy to inquire about our custom-made foot orthotics or to book an appointment. Take advantage of our Etobicoke full-service physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment centre today.