Focus Physiotherapy’s Brampton clinic has been serving the diverse community of Brampton for over 15 years. We are proud to offer our comprehensive physiotherapy services to the community of Brampton and the adjacent communities of North Brampton, Heart Lake and Springdale.

Our Brampton location, at 10035 Hurontario Street Unit 12a, is located in the plaza at the corner of Bovaird Hurontario with ample and convenient parking and surrounded by a ton of amenities. We have convenient standard hours and flexible after hours to meet your needs and work around your schedule.

While many physiotherapy clinics in the area have not withstood the test of time, our facility and unique approach has thrived because we provide patients with something that they are hard pressed to find at other physiotherapy clinics: a patient-centred practice.

Most people who visit one of our five locations are often astonished to discover just how many physiotherapy services we offer and how comprehensive our treatment options are. That being said, we pride ourselves on being able to respond to the local market and tailor our services to fit the needs of the local communities where we operate.

For an exhaustive list of the services that we provide, you can visit our main services page, but in Brampton, research done on commonly searched physiotherapy services indicate that the people of Brampton are interested in services for: sports injuries, traumatic car accidents, and catastrophic impairments.

All of these services are provided right in our Brampton clinic by competent, professional, highly trained staff who will tailor-make a recovery and rehabilitation plan for you based on your unique needs, the nature of your injury and your personal goals.

In addition to traditional physiotherapy for the above needs, we also offer our Brampton clients dietary advice and planning, acupuncture and massage therapy, and ongoing plans to treat and prevent recurring pain and injury. We custom make biomechanical aids like orthotics and braces to help manage pain and ensure proper treatment and healing, and use cutting edge technology to make sure that you are getting the best products on the market.

Brampton is a community of athletes, and we take immense pride in keeping them on the ice, on the field and enjoying what they love to do most. Whether you are a casual weekend athlete, or dedicate your life to sport, our physiotherapists, many of whom are athletes, or former athletes themselves, know how to structure care for Brampton’s athletes. Many of our physios have taken supplemental training in order to properly address sports injuries and intimately understand the nature of these injuries and the physical stress that comes with a wide range of sports.

Our Brampton clinic is partnered with OHIP to provide care in conjunction with the provincial government and, in addition to our in-clinic treatment, we are also able to come to your home and deliver personalized, professional care to patients who either can’t make their appointment, or have trouble leaving their home.

We love serving the community of Brampton and we invite you to contact us to ask questions, schedule your first appointment and let us put you on the path to full physical health and recovery.