About Our North York Clinic

Focus Physiotherapy in the Brampton Community

Having been in Brampton for over 15 years, Focus Physiotherapy is a small business that tries to give back.  From contributing to food drives and shelters or sponsoring sports teams, we feel that it is important to play a part in the communities that support us.

Brampton has been good to us, and we want to be good members of the community.

We outgrew our first Brampton location quite quickly and eventually moved to our current larger location next at the corner of Bovaird and Hurontario.

10035 Hurontario Street has been good to us.  Our current location made us more visible and since moving here, we have added new services such as OHIP covered physiotherapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, gait and mobility training for serious car accidents and stroke victims.  We also offer advanced sports training for runners and advanced post-operative recovery from lower extremity injuries.

A Positive Impact in the Brampton Community

Working with community services, Focus Physiotherapy in Brampton helps students obtain their volunteer hours.  We also help physiotherapy students from Canada and various parts of the world complete their education through sponsoring internships.

Focus Physiotherapy believes in and practices social entrepreneurship.  Our clinics strive to deliver the most patient centered care that we can, yet we also want to be part of the fabric of our neighbourhoods.

Our Brampton physiotherapy clinic has been recognised by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term care as one of a handful of new locations to qualify to deliver OHIP covered physiotherapy to the citizens of Ontario.  This recognition was a very high honour for us.

Our success has allowed us to be able to reinvest back into the company. As a result, we are one of the few centres in Canada to invest in sophisticated gait and mobility training equipment to help the recovery of patients who have sustained a serious or even catastrophic car accident stroke and want to learn to walk better.

At Focus Physiotherapy we believe small businesses can have a positive impact on some of our societies most pressing problems.  In our way, we are doing what we can through the profession of physiotherapy and the operation of our small business to be a positive force in the Brampton Community.

Patient-Centred Physiotherapy Care in Brampton

Our Staff at our Brampton location practices patient centred care.

In 2001, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) defined patient-centred care as “providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.”

Our Brampton Staff believes being responsive to patients needs, being respectful and patient centred makes a positive difference in your recovery.  It takes a lot to run a clinic in a large city like Brampton, and it takes a lot to stand out.

Focus Physiotherapy is Physiotherapist Owned

Focus Physiotherapy is owned by registered physiotherapists.

We are not owned by physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, lawyers or large pension funds.  Our success and support is a result of satisfied patients.  Our clinics are a good size, well equipped and fully staffed.  We opened Focus Physiotherapy to provide excellent service and because we believe registered physiotherapists know the profession of physiotherapy better than anyone else.

Registered physiotherapists know what good physiotherapy is and what it takes to run a physiotherapy clinic to help people recover from their injuries.

Our service to the community is in appreciation of the support the Brampton area has given us throughout the years.

Being physiotherapist owned holds us to a higher standard, while many places have no government agencies to report to, we have to ensure our operations meet comprehensive guidelines due to our trusted position as physiotherapist owned clinics and as providers of OHIP funded physiotherapy.