Take a step. Is it painful? Do you feel like your balance is off? Do you have foot ailments that don’t seem to get better, no matter how many painkillers you take? Instead of bearing through the discomfort you face every time you move, try custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics For Better Foot Health

We often neglect our foot health and focus on the rest of our body. However, even the smallest foot issue can cause pain in our knees, lower backs, ankles and hips. For better foot health, custom orthotics are key.

These are specially designed insoles that are inserted into your shoes to allow you to walk without pain. By treating imbalances within each foot and modifying how your weight is distributed, you can control foot function so there is no discomfort when you walk, run, or even stand still.

Why Choose Custom Inserts?

The inserts you get at the drugstore are designed for everyone. The problem is, no two feet are alike. We may wear the same sizes as others but that doesn’t mean that a generic orthotic will work for our unique issues. At Focus Physiotherapy, we customize the orthotics to fit the person who needs them. Not everyone is looking to correct the same problems, which is why we use a specific process to design our custom orthotics.

First, we look at your the medical history of your feet. This allows us to see which issues have plagued you in the past and if you are susceptible to ailments such as plantar fasciitis, bunions etc. Second, we perform a biomedical examination of your feet to see how you take your steps and at which point you feel pain. Through this gait analysis, we can determine if your feet are misaligned and what structural changes are needed.

Moreover, we’ll be able to establish if there are any deformities, if the weight-bearing parts of the foot are unstable, or if the muscles, tendons and ligaments are being overused. Through our advanced Gaitscan Technology, we are able to conduct accurate readings and analysis of your feet and lower extremities, to ensure we design the perfect orthotics for your needs.

Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic For Accident Rehabilitation

Besides our custom orthotics offering, Focus Physiotherapy is a full-service, patient-centred physiotherapy clinic. Complete with a staff of certified physiotherapists and registered health professionals, our Bolton clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make sure you recover fully without the possibility of re-injuring yourself.

Whether you are hoping to recover from a sports injury to get back on the court or were recently in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident and need to learn to walk again, you’ve come to the right place. Also, we provide massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counselling, pelvic floor retraining, spinal decompression and many more services.

For a prescription for custom orthotics or to book an appointment to tour our Bolton facility, please contact Focus Physiotherapy. When you use our physiotherapy services, we’ll make sure you always put your best foot forward.